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This page was last updated on 20 January 2021

How are you providing a safe and secure campus and what facilities will be open to students?

Please note: National lockdown restrictions are currently in place in England. Some of our facilities remain open but you should only travel to campus if it is absolutely necessary. 

You can find more information on our facilities opening hours on our website.

  • We have installed screens, one-way systems, hand sanitising stations, and signage across all areas to remind people of the importance of social distancing.
  • Students and staff will be given a care pack which includes two re-usable face masks and your own hand sanitiser when you arrive on campus.


  • The University Library is open to provide resources and study space for you. Please note that you should only plan to visit if it is absolutely necessary to your learning and only for independent study. When visiting the Library please wear a face covering as directed and continue to adhere to all of the hygiene and social distancing rules.

  • You can check Library opening times on the Library website.


  • While face to face learning will be moved online for the period while the city remains in lockdown, it is recognised that some courses require access to labs and other specialist facilities on campus.
  • Some facilities remain open, and where specialist space or equipment is required, this will continue to be accessible on a case-by-case basis.  Please consult with your tutor for more information in relation to your course. 

How can I access my timetable?

There are two ways for you to access your teaching timetable.

If you have already synchronised your digital timetable (iCal) with your chosen device, you don’t need to do anything as your new timetable will appear automatically. Your calendar will update when sessions change throughout the semester if you have followed the instructions to synchronise.

You can now also view your timetable via a weblink. Find out more about this, including guidance on how to synchronise your timetable to your chosen device if you haven’t already done so, in Accessing your teaching timetable

I live at home for University, I am worried about meeting people and making friends

Northumbria Student Union have organised a variety of activities you can participate in as part of Northumbria Connected. This is your one-stop-shop for all Northumbria events from your Union, Societies, sports teams, halls of residence and into the community too. Here you can safely meet and get to know other students.  

What are the new local restrictions in Newcastle, Gateshead and the surrounding areas? Is it a lockdown and what specific rules will I need to abide by?

Will we be required to wear face coverings on campus?

  • Students will be provided with two reusable face coverings which you should use in enclosed spaces
  • Students will be required to wear face coverings inside teaching rooms, University Library and other enclosed spaces on campus where 2 metres social distancing cannot be achieved and there is no other form of mitigation to protect your health and safety, and that of others.
  • When visiting the Library, students should wear a face covering at all times. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering for medical reasons, you should wear a sunflower lanyard (available from Ask4Help).

  • These spaces will be clearly designated as requiring face coverings to be worn.
  • Please make sure that our Disability and Inclusion team is aware If you are unable to wear a face covering on campus.

Will you penalise students who do not comply with safety measures?

  • We wish to work with our students to prevent the spread of Covid and we know that the majority of our students will follow all advice and guidance.
  • The health and safety of our staff, students and wider community is the number one priority for the University.
  • When you registered/enrolled you will have been asked to abide by a student code of conduct which included expected levels of behaviour. So, we take incidences of rule-breaking extremely seriously.
  • Breaches of these rules may result in disciplinary action against you, which could result in fines and in the most serious cases suspension or removal from your course.
  • Police also have a wide range of powers to implement these rules, including fines of £100 rising to £3,200 for six or more offences.

  • Fines have already been issued by the police against students, for taking part in activities which are against these guidelines.
  • Additionally, organisers of illegal gatherings, such as house parties, can be fined up £10,000
  • If you are unable to wear a face covering due to a disability or long term medical condition, we have lanyards and exemption cards available to students in support of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme. You may collect your lanyard and exemption card from Ask4Help at Student Central and Coach Lane Campus and also from the Students Union. For more information on this scheme please visit 

Will you be reducing student fees if we do not have access to all facilities?

  • The University will deliver excellent teaching through its state-of-the-art online platform, Blackboard Ultra, combined with face-to-face classroom teaching and lab/clinic/studio access where appropriate. 
  • The level of support and the student experience will also be excellent and combine to ensure that student fees still represent excellent value for money at Northumbria. 
  • We believe the wide-ranging support for learning and progression we have put in place in response to COVID-19 does this and ensures student fees still represent value for money at Northumbria.  
  • In line with government guidance for the sector, there are no plans for fee reductions. Costs for teaching have not reduced, and in fact are higher for some things. 
  • Information on fees has also been made clear at a sector-wide level in an online FAQ by the Department for Education 

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